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The Prose of Mr. Blueduck37

(San Dimas High School Football Rules!)

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Logan The Huge
8 November 1979
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I am Jeremy. No, seriously, it's true!

World of Springfield is geeky love.

Please join my community politics4geekz - "Religion, Politics and the Great Pumpkin"!


24, 7-11, 7th heaven, action figures, angel, anti-harry/hermione, apple computers, back to the future, bagels, batman, batman: the animated series, batman: year one, billy joel, board games, breakfast cereal, bret hart, buffy the vampire slayer, caped crusaders, cartman, cartoons, chamber of secrets, cheese, chris benoit, chris jericho, classic rock, comic books, comic cons, comics, computers, darth vader, dave chappelle, degrassi, degrassi the next generation, dvd commentary tracks, dvds, elijah wood, erotic stories, everwood, family guy, fellowship of the ring, ferris bueller, firefly, freaks and geeks, futurama, genitalia, george carlin, gilmore girls, ginny weasley, goldberg, grand moff tarkin, hanson, harry potter, hermione granger, hobbits, hogwarts, homer simpson, homosexuality, hot guys, inconsiderate cell phone man, intelligent people, intercourse, ipod, ipods, itunes, jack black, jedi, jon stewart, joss whedon, jrr tolkien, judd apatow, kermit the frog, kevin smith, leonardo leonardo, lord of the rings, luna lovegood, macho man, masturbation, michael moore, middle of nowhere, miracle whip, movies, mp3s, mr. potato head, ms. piggy, muppet toys, muppets, mutants, new york city, order of the phoenix, penis, porn, punky brewster, punky power, ralph wiggum, randy savage, reading, return of the king, ron weasley, ron/hermione, s.p.e.w., sarcasm, self-love, sexy hobbits, simpsons, simpsons collector sector, simpsons collectors, simpsons toys, slash, sleeping, smallville, souled vampires, south park, springfield, star wars, sue johanson, swedish chef, taco bell, taylor hanson, team america, tenacious d, the 80s, the simpsons, the sith, the two towers, this time around, tom marvolo riddle, toy story, toys, tv, undeclared, underneath, weasley is our king, weasley's wizarding wheezes, wendy's, wolfram and hart, world of springfield, wos, wrestling, wwe, wwe raw, wwe smackdown, x-files, x-men, zac hanson

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